Handlebar Hernia

There are different kinds of hernias, one of which is abdominal wall hernia. A sub type or sub variety of abdominal wall hernia is handlebar hernia. It is caused when the anterior abdominal wall suffers a direct trauma. The favorite location of handlebar hernia is the weakest spot in the wall of the abdomen.

It can be easily termed as a traumatic hernia but its incidence is rare.

Diagnosis of handlebar hernia

Clinical diagnosis of this condition requires a high degree of suspicion on the part of the doctor. Diagnosis can also be done through physical examination, but the diagnosis has to be confirmed through bedside ultrasonography tests. Another important diagnostic test is computed tomographic scanning. However, the main thing is to suspect or guess that this serious underlying injury is actually handlebar hernia, which is quite difficult really.

Handlebar hernias are often reported after sustaining a direct vehicular injury from a handlebar like object like the gear poke of a car. It may result in significant intraabdominal injury. That is why it has been named handlebar hernia. The injury is, needless to say, caused by a blunt object because a sharp thing will penetrate through the skin and either cause a deep gash or death.

Handlebar hernia direct trauma can inflict a mesenteric rupture, bowel perforation and result in gangrene of the ileum.

Treatment of handlebar hernia

Treatment for such a hernia will involve resection of the gangrenous bowel using a primary anastomosis from end to end and in layers after layers, doctors and surgeons will repair the hernia.

Medical and surgical literature reports less than 30 cases, 28 cases to be more specific, incidences of handlebar hernia.

In 1964 a nine year old boy had fallen upon a bicycle handle and that had resulted in traumatic abdominal wall hernia. This one is the first reported case.