Hernia Advice for Patients

Hernia is a very common disease nowadays all over the world and millions of people suffer from this condition. Every year around 600000 hernia surgeries are conducted in USA and the cost of surgery is pegged at a very steep $4000 to $8000. Surgery is usually the ultimate and the only way to repair a hernia and many patients get disheartened when they learn the cost of surgery.

But there is good news for hernia patients because you can conduct hernia surgery in a cheap and effective manner, at one fourth the cost in medically advanced countries like India. In fact India is now the undisputed world number one when it comes to ventral hernia surgery.

But at the same time doctors will also advise patients to modify their lifestyle and usher in a few minor and major changes that can prevent hernia from developing or recurring once more.

All people, regardless of whether they have hernia or not, should give up on their sedentary lifestyle and take to regular exercising, martial arts and yoga to cure hernia or keep hernia at bay. There are specific yogic postures aimed at curing hernia.

You should keep a tab on your weight and control your eating habits and burn your calories in a healthy manner to fight against obesity, one of the leading causes of hernia as it results in abdominal pressure.

Doctors also advise patients against lifting excessively heavy objects, because that again puts pressure on the abdominal muscle wall or bending over frequently.

To cut out constipation, you should switch over to a high fiber diet full of fruits, vegetables, green leafy products, lentils, low fat high protein source of food such as cottage cheese, fish, white lean meat etc, lots of fluid including water, whole wheat unrefined products and so on and so forth.

This will facilitate easy passing of stool and reduce chances of hernia.
Quit smoking and wearing truss.