Hernia Causes

In this article I will discuss the causes behind the different types of hernia.

Umbilical Hernia Causes

Adults who put excessive abdominal pressure due to straining can develop umbilical hernia. Some other culprits that cause umbilical hernia are ascites or fluid inside abdominal cavity, multiple pregnancies, chronic coughing, heavy physical labor involving heavy lifting and moderate to excessive obesity.
In newborn infants a weakness in the abdominal wall caused by the rupture left in the midline when there is a gap between the muscles can lead to umbilical hernia when the baby is born or it may strike later.

Hiatal Hernia Causes

Doctors are yet to ascertain the exact cause behind Hiatal hernia. Hiatus is the name bestowed on the opening in the diaphragm. If there is any weakness in the muscle tissues that surrounds the hiatus, it is supposed to result in Hiatal hernia. In this condition, the stomach or rather the upper portion of it will force its way through that opening and form a bulge in the cavity of the chest.

Abdominal pressure

Injury to the hiatal region, an innate/inherent huge Hiatal opening, weakness in the hiatal region and other such conditions often result in Hiatal hernia.
The other main culprits are activities that result in the inflicting of heavy pressure on the abdominal region – lifting of heavy objects, an increase in abdominal fluid, straining to facilitate bowel movement, multiple pregnancies, severe vomiting or persistent severe coughing.

Inguinal Hernia Causes

In some cases inguinal hernia causes could not be pinpointed due to a lack of apparent cause, and in some other cases the causes were identified as intense abdominal pressure and a weak region on the abdominal wall that was existing beforehand or either of the two causes. This pre existing weak spot in men is often found by the side of the inguinal canal.