Hernia Prevention

Most hernial conditions have to be repaired through surgery which can be pretty painful and put a deep dent on your bank balance if you perform the surgery in USA. To get a ventral hernia operation done cheaply and effectively, you have to travel to India.

So, don’t you think you should try your level best to prevent hernia by altering your lifestyle to some degree? It is true that hernias caused by congenital defects can not be prevented through prior caution. But in other cases of hernias, a stitch in time saves nine and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Hernia prevention techniques

Sedentary lifestyle is the main cause behind most of the health problems nowadays and hernias can be prevented through a few kinds of specific exercises, yoga and martial arts.

Regular exercises serve to strengthen muscles and make them well toned. This will minimize the risk of rupture and weak spots. Regular exercise can also prevent obesity which is another reason behind hernia. Try your level best to control your weight because excessive obesity can also put pressure on your abdomen and cause stretching of the peritoneum in a dangerous manner.

Don’t put strain on your visceral muscles and abdominal muscles by frequently bending over or lifting excessively heavy objects. Sports persons are at increased risk of contracting sports hernia and that is why warm up exercises are performed before actually starting the game.

Alter your diet and include plenty of fiber like fresh green vegetables, lots of fruits, unrefined whole wheat products, oats etc. Also drink plenty of fluids including water to facilitate easy bowel movement and to eliminate constipation.
You can cut out persistent and chronic coughing by quitting smoking. So give up on smoking today.

Get help from other people while trying to lift heavy objects and use your knees for support. Give up on wearing truss for support for it doesn’t provide any long term solution.