Yoga Cure for Hernia

Hernia can be prevented and cured or the symptoms (if any) can be reduced through the practice of regular exercises. Apart from martial arts, the ancient Indian practice of yoga can yield rich dividends, if performed under expert supervision.

Yoga cure for hernia

Some of the best yogic postures for curing hernia are Ushtra Asana, Shashanka Asana, Vajra Asana, Matsya Asana, Paschimothan Asana, Sarvanga Asana, Utthan Pada Asana, Bhadrasana, Naukasana, Shavasana, Setubandhasana, Agnisara, Uddiyana and Pawan Muktasana.

Among pranayams you can practice Anulom Viloma without the Kumbhak, Bhastrika with the Antar Kumbhak and Bhramari.

Other bandhs and mudras that you can practice are Mool Bandh, Vajroli Mudra and Ashwini Mudra. You have to combine these yogic kriyas with meditation, concentration and yoga nidra to get the best results.

The inverted postures are the best treatments for hernia – Halasana, Viparitakarini.  To strengthen the abdominal muscles you can practice Ardhanava Asana and Nava Asana.

While performing the Viparitakarini asana with wall support (you have to retain the posture for around 5 minutes), you have to take deep abdominal breaths followed up by deep chants of AAA or Om (the chant should originate from the navel). This should be done on a minimum of 3 times per day on an empty stomach and the results will follow soon.

Yoga can help to drive away symptoms and at times completely cure some forms of hernia like inguinal hernia. But if the symptoms continue to persist or if the hernia is severe, surgery may be the ultimate and only option.

Yoga exercises that you should avoid if you have hernia

All kinds of dynamic yogic exercises can aggravate hernia. Exercises that you should avoid are Chakrasana, Dhanurasana, Mukhadhouti and Kapalabhati because they involve fast abnormal breathing.

Practicing yoga regularly will strike at the roots of the hernia problem and rectify them by targeting the causes of hernia, but you have to combine yoga with a proper fibrous diet and lifestyle alterations to get the best results fast.